Qualifying Factors for a Marketer Meeting Customer Needs

When assessing what is seen as a qualifying factor, it must first be defined. McDonald et al. (2014) defines it as the factors customers expect to be delivered by all organisations in the market. It is looked at as the bare minimum to survive in a market.

Qualifying factors are required to deliver value for the customers. Marketers should look to determine what the threshold is for customers as to not exceed this by significant amounts. The reason being that exceeding this qualifying factor threshold may not hold much, if any return on investment for an organisation.

The purpose here can be seen as reducing dissatisfaction instead of increasing satisfaction as that is more of a measure for critical success factors.

This is a dynamic measurement and a method that can constantly measure the expected and achieved performance levels in an organisation is required to address and gaps in the expected results.

To enhance the accuracy of these measurements/factors, a clearly identified target market is also required and a pre-determined threshold for the gap of expected and achieved performance levels must also be established. This allows definitive actions to take place and a specific time and removes any delay in the decision process.


McDonald, Malcolm, Peter Mouncey & Stan Maklan (2014) Marketing Value Metrics: A new metrics model to measure marketing effectiveness. Kogan Page: London.


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