Key Marketing Metrics for Awareness

As previously discussed on the blog, metrics can be used to measure just about anything, or at least attempt to. Bendle’s work identifies four main metrics that are used to measure the idea of awareness and the method of collecting all of them is through the quantitative means of surveys.


Is the most common term and an umbrella term for the whole area or marketing metrics. This is regarding whether the customer has ever heard of the brand or if they know it exists. It is crucial as you will provide different offerings to someone who has never heard of your brand compared to a 10-year loyal customer.

Top of Mind

This metric attempts to measure how relevant the brand is to the target market, an example would be surveying the first thought of grocery shops and if the response is Woolworths, they are the brand that is ‘top of mind’ for that customer. When data is collected from a whole target market a clear picture can be painted about competitors and where you may stand amongst the competition. This metric is however criticised as the measurement is often influenced by the most recent brand interaction and perhaps not their preferred choice.

Ad Awareness

This seeks to measure performance of marketing efforts around a specific ad. It is most commonly measured as a percentage of the targeted population to help improve future marketing efforts by identifying what aspects may have worked best.


Bendle states this as not being a formal metric but it still remains an important aspect that measures a deeper level of awareness. This metric seeks to measure the customers knowledge beyond just the name or any surface informations. It can be a useful metric to see if a company vision statement or CSR efforts are being communicated around a market.


Bendle, NT, PW Farris, PE Pfeifer & DJ Reibstein (2016) Marketing Metrics: The Manager’s Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance, 3rd edition. Pearson: New Jersey


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