How Content Marketing Can Make You More Sales

Genuine content doesn’t want to come across as a sales pitch but for the majority of organisations, sales are the end objective.

However, there are some subtle methods to incorporate the suggestion to purchase or lead to future sales through content marketing.

Call to Action

This can be particularly useful for how-tos. In this case, you could provide a full directional guide to assist the consumer where you avoid a sales pitch so you do not detract from the material.

The closing pitch can be a link to the best place to purchase the items or ingredients needed to follow the instructions in the how-to. This is where you can link your business to provide customers with an immediate and convenient point of purchase for the items you now know they need.


This can be an effective means of gaining loyal customers who can receive their regular discount as part of their subscription. This may also provide another means of value-adding to the mix with some top tips or reads for the week.

In the case of this blog, a newsletter serves the purpose of information providing. While it isn’t a means of improving sales, there are no sales objectives of this blog that has no offerings. Usually, the sales goal can incorporate the newsletter very effectively.

Answer Customer’s Needs

Content can provide a large scale means of answering common questions regarding your business. This may not directly lead to immediate sales but the helpful advice can build a brand image that allows you to enter the customers evoked set.

Customers will often scream out for what they want. Listen and respond. They essentially provide the topic of your content for you. Relevant content will always be more immediately helpful and can leave the customer feeling even more satisfied with your business.

Keep the Sales Pitch Minimal

Direct mention of sales is irritating to read in the middle of helpful content. The brand can attract sales through being in their mind when the customer needs a certain product rather than them being annoyed by 10 irrelevant sales pitches beforehand.


Zimmerman, J. and Ng, D. (2017) Social Media Marketing for Dummies: All-in-one. 4th Edition, Wiley, Hoboken, New Jersey.


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