The Rise of Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is best described as the modern evolution of word-of-mouth.

The effectiveness of this form of marketing can be diverse as it travels through various mediums and given the nature of word-of-mouth, consumers tend to trust it a lot more.

Buzz marketing is most commonly found on the internet but in many different forms. It can be in chat rooms, blogs, reviews, emails and social media.

Stages of Buzz Marketing

Inoculation starts off the process with the creation or release of a product to the market.

Incubation, as it sounds, is a brewing phase that consists of the innovators and early adopters using and talking about the product.

Infection is the final stage where the product has gained good traction is now existing in the majority of the market and growing somewhat exponentially due to the nature of word-of-mouth.

Who Creates the Buzz?

Ideally, every employee of a company would positively endorse their organisation’s products and inform their friends and family of the product if it aligns with their values.

Ambassadors are another great means of individuals who can spread the word. Today, in the world of social media, micro-influencers can be particularly effective. The key to success here is a mutually beneficial ambassadorship that appeals to the influencer’s audience as well as the brand’s. Sponsorship can be less effective with an influencer’s audience being less trusting of paid advertisements.

Anyone. The beauty of buzz marketing is that word-of-mouth can be spread by anyone and everyone. If there is an encouragement to spread the word of positive experiences regarding the product or service, it may help but the nature of the concept is that a good product will naturally get people talking.


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