How to use Content Marketing to Drive Traffic

One of the key benefits of content marketing is the ability for it to drive traffic to your site or an intended page.

While the point of purchase may not be in the content itself, it can drive consumers to a webpage at which they can then make the purchase. There a few options when it comes to driving traffic.

Guest Appearances

By appearing in a popular content sharing platform in your market, this can bring attention from a successful content sharer’s platform and bring some of their traffic to your site. This is somewhat like a guest appearance on a blog site.

The key to success here is to provide value to the person’s blog and their audience or this will not bring about the mutually beneficial results that were intended.


While creating a viral video isn’t necessarily simple and there may not be a formula that guarantee’s success, there is no denying the ability for this medium to drive traffic to a site or page.

Quite often when a video does go viral (shared by many on social media platforms) it will lead to people having a look at the page that originally posted the video. This is the traffic being driven to the page through the content of a video.


By creating a how-to on certain topics, people who use this information are more likely to further inspect the site for what else it contains and potentially buy products, especially if they are relevant to the how-to in which they initially came for.

Relevant Content

Content marketing wouldn’t be complete without a brief mention of search engine optimisation (SEO). Traffic can be driven to your site through more relevant content allowing your page is ranked higher in a search engine.

This is of great importance because in reality, who really goes past the second or third page of a google search…

Ease of Sharing

If the content is one click away from the ability to be shared, this reduces the inconvenience of an individual sharing content to hundreds of friends.

By having a share button immediately available, it allows more people to share with ease and leads to more traffic.


Seen most commonly in the fitness industry on social media, the use of micro-influencers and influencers to drive traffic to your site through association of your content can be very effective in the right market.

You must also choose the individual carefully to ensure they are a good fit with your product and consumers to minimise backlash.


Zimmerman, J. and Ng, D. (2017) Social Media Marketing for Dummies: All-in-one. 4th Edition, Wiley, Hoboken, New Jersey.


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