What is Content Marketing and How Can it Help a Business?

This could be it.

If this blog post was used to promote a product and/or service, this would be a prime example of content marketing. But it goes much further than just blogs.

What is it?

Outside of blog posts, it could include images, podcasts, videos or any other method of idea sharing platforms.

The essence of content marketing is to promote a product or service through the medium to attract customers to a landing page or website that will provide further details such as a point of purchase.

How can it help?

We live in a digital age now where content marketing is extremely common. Google’s new Pixel 3, for example, may pride itself on the specs of the camera, if they had a blog post about ‘the best smartphone cameras of 2019’ with their phone at no. 1… it is a form of content marketing.

Content marketing not only bring an audience to your site, but it can also organically help you rank better in search engines. Yes, search engine optimisation.

It is a very cheap way of getting a business name out there, it can be done by you. Blogs can be free and easy to create posts regarding your business’ field of knowledge.

In a small community, you can improve your brand image by providing your expert opinion and allowing those in the community to access this and learn from it. A chef can give out a small recipe of high quality to draw customers in to buy their cookbook later on.

The final and one of the most important aspects is remaining relevant and up to date. With the online platform of businesses rapidly changing, a constant flow of content can allow the business to stay in the customer’s mind for when they need a product or service you offer.


Zimmerman, J. and Ng, D. (2017) Social Media Marketing for Dummies: All-in-one. 4th Edition, Wiley, Hoboken, New Jersey.


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