How Spotify Gave Life to Billboard Advertising

When was the last time you took notice of a billboard advertisement on your daily commute?

Spotify looked to change the monotony of billboards in Australia recently with their ad campaign taking a humorous approach to expressing their listeners’ playlist names.

It is easy to see how a brand can get lost in the sea of advertisements we encounter every day. Spotify made a statement with their efforts to capture the attention of passers-by and even had their physical billboard spread to the world of social media.

“It is safe to assume the creator of the “Smashed Avo” playlist is not a homeowner”.

Using current debates has added to the depth of the humour from Spotify to make reference to the ‘entitled millennial’ stereotype in Australia.

“Ironically, the “Disappointing Exam Results” playlist is 10 out of 10″

Making the most of timing with major events, Spotify also utilised their billboards to provide more relevance such as at the release of the HSC results.

Don’t listen to it Ali, Follow your Dreams.”

The last two examples are clearly targeted toward students which are perfectly addressed with Spotify’s accompanying student discount rate.

Spotify took somewhat of a dying medium in advertising and added their humourous customer habits to create a billboard campaign that spread far beyond the physical billboard campaign and created a strong social media presence as well.


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